I thought to share with you one of the best medical projections that I have seen in last 3 weeks with respect to COVID-19. I am sure everyone is wondering when might the lockdown end and when we can go back to normalcy?

I firmly believe that projection modeling-based on historical data is the best way of predicting in any industry because focuses on facts and numbers and historical data not personal opinions. Most interesting part of this analysis is Dr Thompson approach towards 3 weeks of period single digit mortality rate decreases which has also a direct correlation to period of a patient from symptoms to potentially death and incorrect reporting of testing ratio against only infected people rather than comparing Vs entire population. It is comforting to hear that Canada overall has done a great job and we are at the beginning of a flat curve and need to continue physical distancing, perhaps soon mandatory wearing mask policy and hopefully as we predicted sometime between mid May to mid June start gradually re-engaging into normalcy. Please share it with your friends, colleagues and family members!

Is Real Estate Shut Down? Hell… No

We are in business and still helping our clients with all their needs. Many are still looking to buy or have to sell and we are here to help them the best we can. Are we going about our business as usual? Of course NOT. We are doing many first or second interviews virtually through Zoom or FaceTime. Our virtual showcasing of properties have gone to a higher level and we are starting our Virtual Open Houses. As for our buyers we are helping them to view properties through video and when firm on the property, we do gear up with our COVID Kit and put our gloves and masks on and hit to do the showing, of course with keeping social distancing in mind. On top of that, we are doing our best to help our clients who might need our help to get some guidance and assess their situation for their best move. In short, we are in full operation.

Let’s come together

Right now is the time for us as a community to come together and conquer this; help out your local businesses and restaurants and lend a hand whenever you get a chance. The sky is not falling! We’ll get through this together! If you have any questions about your real estate investments, think of us as your yellow pages, just 1 message away 🙂

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